Social Media Marketing Case Study (above video)

With $1, you could buy a pack of gum...or you could potentially reach 689 people for your business.

That's what we did for one of our clients' video posts, utilizing Facebook's analytics and targeting tools. Not only did we reach 689 per $1, but more than half of them engaged with the post in some way. These numbers are not a guarantee for every post, but it's also not rare for us to see results like this. With buzzworthy content, strategic target assessments, appropriate insight analysis, and some experimentation, this kind of ROI is definitely obtainable.

Targeting has Never Been Easier

Billboards and mailers target by location, TV commercials target by interest, Facebook ads target by:

The best part is, many business owners still don't know how to navigate this amazingly efficient and effective marketing system! Team up with Standout Marketing and let's create the strategy and content you need to stand out in the social media world!

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