We get it. You built your company from a single idea. Maybe it happened at 2am on a Thursday night, or Saturday morning after a long run. You remember the exact moment, because it was the day you decided to say yes.

Now, you’ve got a team that works hard, and customers that depend on you. We’re here to build on that — to partner with you. Because marketing can be slippery. There isn’t one strategy. There isn’t one blueprint to tell the world who you are, what you do, or who you serve.

We’ve learned how to listen, how to ask the right questions, and how to create designs and build strategies that will connect your brand with the customers you want.

And we do it in today’s world. 

So yes, we’re on top of the latest tools, the best tech, the trendy apps, and how it all changed yesterday. But we also know when to put that on pause, and to focus on what works for your company. Because your brand matters and reaching your next customer is always the next right thing.


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Eric Yun | Founder

Eric is the proud husband to Jessica Yun and father to two daughters, Zoey and Teya Yun. His out of the box creativity, pursuit for excellence, and seriousness for his clients' success are what drive him to do his job with joy, passion, and precision. His professional experience as a web & print designer, social media marketing consultant, photographer, and videographer make him the guy that every business would want on their team. Over the years, Eric has done the aforementioned work for clients ranging from business startups to large corporations both locally in Bakersfield, CA and nationwide. He and his team have the skills and breakthrough mentality to take your business or organization to the next level.



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